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Saturday, November 26, 2016

As Time Goes By*

Welcome to my readers in Morocco! Country #56 heard from...

Feel free to comment on anything you see here.

So five weeks have passed since I started at the Free Library of Philadelphia. The things I've learned:

  • Many of my colleagues share my passion for food. I'm going to attend a "cookbook club" at one of the branches. This month's topic? Cookbooks of Marc Vetri. Don't know what I'm making yet--or if they're even having the meeting, they had a minor flood at the  facility.
  • Patrons can be warm and ingratiating, grateful for your help, or they can be cold, condescending, and grating on your nerves--or both, or inbetween. Wherever they are on the spectrum, I give the best service I can.
  • SIRSI, our integrated library system, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of creating reports. 
  • Not to take things so literally.  That's been a failing of mine over the years, and has held me back in some ways.  It's one thing to take things at face value--but I have to do so with eyes and ears wide open.
  • My current position isn't what I expected, but I am learning to bloom where I'm planted.
  • I have good ideas and have passed them on to people who are willing to run with them. Our participation in International Game Day was a big success, to hear all involved tell it
Time to go grocery shopping before The Game (Michigan-Ohio State). Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Mine will be typically busy--shopping, singing, playing, taking care of family business and pleasure.  It's been nice having the kids home.  Sarah and DJ will go back to college tomorrow, and I'll go back to work on Monday.  Nice to be working again.


*--Herman Hupfeld, 1931; first recorded by Rudy Vallee, 1931.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Bienvenidos, Chile!

Country number 55 on the list. Feel free to comment, for or against, on anything you see here.
Not much to report. Learning new tasks, slowly...

*--Danny Flores, The Champs, 1958.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


"Daddy, you're home from Peru!"
Welcome to my Peruvian readers! Feel free to sound forth on any topic here!  All opinions welcome!
Welcome, too, to my readers from Algeria.  I would love to hear more from anywhere on the African continent.

Starting my fourth week at Philbrick Hall, Parkway Central Library, Free Library of Philadelphia.  It's going quick and I'm learning to be flexible.


*--Raymond Scott, 1937.  Heard on many, many Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoons.