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Monday, September 12, 2016

La Bonne Cuisine*

This post is strictly advertising for my Facebook page, "De Kok is in De Kitchen". I'm not a chef or a chef's son, just a person who believes in the power of home cooking to transform lives and meals. Enjoy!

*Leonard Bernstein, composer, 1947. Full title: "La Bonne Cuisine: Four Recipes for Voice and Piano".

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Turn, Turn, Turn*

I've accepted a position at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Yay for me!!!

Effective October 3rd, I'll be working at the FLP's flagship, Parkway Central, in the area of Business, Science, and Industry, specifically as a reference librarian for the Business Resources and Innovation Center (BRIC).  In addition to regular patrons in the above areas, I'll be working to assist members of one of the five constituent patron groups named in the most recent FLP strategic plan--entrepreneurs.

You may well ask--what a musician can do for entrepreneurs?

  • We have to be self-starters, self-motivated and self-reliant.
  • We have to be fearless and creative in seeking solutions, finding experts in all walks of life, not just ours.
  • We have to temper our responses in both victory and defeat, learning what we can from both.
  • We have to be knowledgeable but always willing to learn more.
  • We have to be able to admit that we don't always have the answer.
  • We have to be willing to lead but equally willing to serve others.
  • We can never settle for anything less than our best.
  • We need to acknowledge the God-given talents in those with whom we associate, and love and cherish and treat them equitably.
  • We need to know when it is time for work and time for cutting loose.
  • (This is getting Ecclesiastical, isn't it?)
  • We know it's hard to be humble (thanks Mac Davis) but it's essential to complete success.
  • We need to know when to render unto Caesar and when to render unto God 

More to come. Onward.

*--Pete Seeger, The Bitter and the Sweet, 1962.  I'm as surprised as you are.  Everyone of my generation relates this tune to the Roger McGuinn-led The Byrds, but even Judy Collins covered it too.

Video Killed the Radio Star*

Welcome to country #50--the tiny island nation of St. Lucia! Welcome, and feel free to comment on and/or dissent from these blog posts!

I have a dear friend from my Glee Club days by the name of Joel Colman.  He's the cantor at the Reform Jewish synagogue in New Orleans.  Besides his faith, his music, and motorcycles, one of his great passions is amateur ("ham") radio, which he has participated in since at least his undergraduate days (and probably earlier).

He would tell interesting stories about the worldwide contests he'd enter with his ham radio buddies to see how many contacts they could make in a 24-hour period.  They had interesting and busy lives outside of ham radio, so they'd never win, but they always enjoyed hearing the responses they'd get from other collegiate teams around the world.  U-M's team was one of the first such clubs, and they were numbered by their entrance/acceptance into their association. The U-M team would give their ID, which included their number, and the responding team would always be astonished at the low number for the U-M team.

Why am I saying all this?

I think it's really cool that people from 50 countries out of the nearly 300 in the world have made contact with my blog. I only wish that more folks responded.  Either I'm always right (which is decidedly NOT the case) or I'm astoundingly boring (more likely true ROFL). On this occasion of the 50th country signing in, I would humbly ask that you enter your comments on any of the posts you find interesting.  If you don't find ANY of it interesting, post on THIS one, and I'll try to respond and do better.