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Friday, December 14, 2012

For all the saints who from their labours rest*

A little under 24 hours ago I finished my Cataloging final.  Eight questions, just like the Management final.  Three of them were RDA-related (two of three right--missed the one on whether it was ever permissible to list both the copyright date AND the publication date for the same item).  One question on bibliographic relationships (MARC field 130 on a listing for a particular edition of the Latin Vulgate--switched two of the subfields, otherwise nailed it); two on personal name entries (nailed one, slightly missed the other), one involving a committee report (messy), and the big one (60 of the possible 100 points) on a book on the subject of (wait for it) Turkish pottery (perfecto!). Dr. Maccaferri does go blotto for the Ottoman Empire!

I consider it a badge of honor to have earned an 87.2% on this test; that score fell just above the class average of 86.  My current grade for the class stands at 86.27; it's  89.5 or better for an A.  We're all sweating out what he gives us for class participation and extra credit, because according to my arithmetic he has not factored those numbers in.  If I receive what I think I'm supposed to, I'll cross that 89.5 threshold, and there will be much rejoicing.

UPDATE:  I ended up with a 92.04 for the semester.  Not sure how, but I'll take the A.

I'm still awaiting the results of the Management final.  If word count were everything, I'd get an A+++.  As it is, I'll be happy with an 80--I'll still  get an A for the semester (actually, a 70 will do likewise, but I already have one 70 on my record in that class and I don't want another.  That seems to be the pattern for me in Dr. Harhai's classes--work like the devil and JUSSST make the grade.LOL.  In fairness, both classes have a LOT of material to cover, and as I've discovered in the online world, you fail to buckle down at your own peril.

UPDATE:  I ended up with a 92.94 for the semester.  My 4.0 is intact. YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!

This morning's a very quiet Friday at the library.  I retrieved My Indian Kitchen by Hari Nayak (Tuttle, 2011) for an upcoming potluck dinner at my son's Scout troop. I'll be cooking three dishes:  corn and mushrooms in a spicy curry, stir-fried paneer cheese with peppers, and whole wheat flatbread (well, four, because I have to make the paneer cheese for the stir-fry, which isn't as hard as it sounds).

At home, between now and the 26th I can concentrate on cleaning the house, practicing for a Christmas Eve gig in Wayne, and getting ready for our trip to Michigan.  More immediately, my youngest daughter is performing in her schools improvisational comedy group, LOL, tonight at the school. Fun times!

St. Jerome, Pray for us!

*--opening line to Sine Nomine by Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1905 (text by William Walsham How, 1864).
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