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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside* (but the job search is heating up)

With regard to temperature, this is our first time in the teens (Farenheit) this winter, and the wind chill is near zero.  Certainly a good day to stay inside with a good book!

Yesterday there was a bit of activity on the job front.  I had applied for the research library internship at Longwood Gardens (Kennett Square PA) and as part of the application process, had asked one of my professors to supply a letter of recommendation.  She did, and it couldn't have glowed more if it was radioactive.  Suffice it to say that I feel pretty good about myself right now.

But it continues: Early in the fall, I had applied for a position as "music library technician" at the Presser Music Library at West Chester University. Didn't even get a call.  Disappointed, but carried on--I was busy with Management and Cataloging classes and didn't have time to brood.  Yesterday I'm going through my email and I get a letter from the Presser Library saying that the job had re-opened and would you like an interview?  Are you KIDDING ME, I thought to myself.  Zipped a response back (I said yes, of course).There was much rejoicing!  I don't have the job yet, haven't even scheduled the interview, but

Don't get me wrong; the public library world needs good people like my co-workers Kate and Lois.  My goal is to work at the college/university/research level and be that go-to guy on which students can depend  for help.  Competent writing in the appropriate style is crucial for collegiate success, and if I can make it easier for them than it was for me, then I've done my job.  Onward!


*--Frank Loesser, 1944; recorded by many, many artists of all stripes, but first performed by Mr. Loesser and his wife, Lynn Garland, as a reminder to party guests that it was time to go. 

PS: Didn't get it--although I was heartened by the librarian who said he wished he had had two positions available so that he could hire me.
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