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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day In The Life*, part 5.

Nancy dropped me off at 845 this morning. Three newspapers awaited me at the door--the Pottsville (PA) Mercury, the Phoenixville (PA) Phoenix, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. An added bonus--a double serving of the first two.  I guess it's to make up for the times they missed.  I'll clip the coupons and give the rest of the paper to any patron who wants it.
900am: Sandy (PT co-worker, paraprofessional) walked in.  She worked the paging list after I created it.  A short one today, just 9 items.  They've been a little on the light side since the flood in the children's area (a hot water pipe burst early on a Sunday morning, about a month ago.  We lost about 3800 titles, mostly children's lit, children's non-fiction, some large-print editions, and graphic novels.)
955am: opening in five minutes; gotta run for now.  No van deliveries, so it'll probably be a typical light Saturday.

1030-1130am: A library card update and a new patron card.  The new patron is carrying a very cute 9 1/2 month-old boy who seems very interested in things going on around him. One of the crew brings back a bunch of books, as does one of our home-schooling dads.  Still, it's been quiet for the most part.  I have to make a sign for the cookie bake-off contest.  It'll be a difficult chore--no really, I have no date or time or categories or rules to plug in.  We'll give it a shot anyway.

1140am:  I eat my lunch (leftover stirfried curried chicken and brown rice, and a Granny Smith apple), and return to the Internet.  Maybe I'll work on my job list and get caught up this afternoon.
*--John Lennon and Paul MacCartney, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967.
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