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Friday, June 6, 2014

Leader of the Band*, opus 2

I watched my son graduate from high school today, along with 400+ other students.  He's thrived at his new school, and it makes me proud that he buckled down and did his work, and sad that we didn't do it sooner. Parents learn as they go, I guess, just like our kids.  I would guess that he finished somewhere in the middle of the academic pack--two of his close friends finished 3rd and 4th in the class respectively--but distinguished himself as an immensely likeable kid, one who has made and kept friends easily. He's learned a lot of tact--how NOT to say something even if it's all too tempting.  He builds people up and has a ease about him that is already serving him well. He won awards for drama and music at the senior honors assembly, not because he applied for them, saying, "look at me!", but because people already looked at him and saw something they liked.

He's headed off to a Division II school for technical theater (sound/lights/sets/props etc.). I don't tease him about majoring in "stage crew" because as a theater person myself I know how invaluable competent people are in that field, and as one of my composer friends pointed out, if he lands a union gig in a major city, he can out-earn the actors he's working for (but I'll never tell HIM that).  I have friends and acquaintances making good money in the field, so more power to him.

I realize this wasn't precisely about my library work, but I needed to say something.  I am still, after all, a family man.

My family is growing up.  Hallelujah!


*--Dan Fogelberg, The Innocent Age, 1981.

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