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Friday, July 17, 2015

I Need a Library Job (no, really)

Tuesday: I apply for a job at a private college in Pennsylvania.
Wednesday: I receive an email from that college saying they received the requisite number of recommendations.
Thursday: I receive an email from that college saying the search has been completed.

I am asking, out loud,


What's this life supposed to hold for me? I can't seem to get it right.

I'm good at what I do. Does no one value what I have to offer? Someone tell me. Please.

I'm a former career music educator who also worked in retail sales and management, and spent the last four years working in various library positions. I'm an expert multitasker--but when you're a family man and free-lance musician, you HAVE to be.

If you'd like to see my CV, email me at I'll be happy to talk to you at length about my life and work. Chaim Potok had it right: "It is nice to be rich and terrible to be poor--but the most terrible thing of all is to be useless (In The Beginning)".


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