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Sunday, July 17, 2016

And So It Goes*


I'm interviewing at the local upscale chain grocer on Tuesday.  I hope it goes better than the one with McCaffrey's HR department.

I have no idea where they'll place me.  I have a background in cooking, cookbooks, housewares.  I'd love to be doing prepared foods, but without the culinary arts shingle, that's not likely.  Even if I'm a produce clerk, that would be preferable to sitting home doing nothing waiting for the phone to ring/email to arrive.

I can't believe the way things have gone for me in the library world  Aaron Copland was right--"People want what they know or something just like it".  For a field that's 80% female, they sure are reluctant to hire strong men (sound familiar?).  The ALA's program for encouraging "diversity", Emerging Leaders, is, in my opinion, a big flop.  80% or more of the candidates are female, most of those women are white, and most of them come from pre-selected groups who "sponsor" places in the program. It's pathetically amusing to see the ALA try to trumpet itself as a progressive, modern, even edgy (think librarians with tattoos) organization.  Marian Paroo fit the visual mold, but she was a far more complex character then people gave her credit for.

Billy Joel, Storm Front, 1989.

UPDATE: No Soap. No Groceries, Deli, or Gourmet Cheese, either.
And So It Goes
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