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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Same Old Auld Lang Syne*, redux

Just had my first evaluation for work. Not great, but not awful either--and totally fair and honest.  The one significant glitch notwithstanding, one thing I've appreciated about my new place of employment is the professional way HR is handled here. Can't say the same about other places.

Take more notes, don't forget so much stuff.  They DO love my approach to customer service--unlike a former employer of mine who referred to my skills as "primitive" (This from a man who wouldn't hire African Americans--but I should have expected as much being in York PA as I was then).

Don't fall asleep in public view. My words, not theirs...zzzzzzzz... My health issues jumping up and biting me.

Had a note on my desk when I came in this morning--"Never Give In: Never Surrender 2016)"  I was about to chalk it up to an anonymous message of encouragement, but then realized that it was a film title request for our upcoming Midwest Tape order. Six copies ordered.

One more gig for the year at First Presbyterian Church of Ambler PA on Christmas Eve.  This year hasn't been as good for singing--fewer Masses at Annunciation BVM, but more playing, I think. Three different versions of Leroy Anderson's "A Christmas Festival" is enough.

Here's to a blessed, eventful, Spirit-led 2017.


*--Dan Fogelberg, The Innocent Age, 1981.

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