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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?*

People who have known me a while know I love dogs--big dogs, little dogs, hot dogs, it doesn't matter.  They also know that I can't stand the sight or thought of pit bulls and their naïve owners.  "Oh, but my dog came from a GOOD kennel, he's friendly".  Yeah, and Kim-Jong Un went to an elite school in Switzerland, does that make him a paragon of virtue? Hardly. I have met only one pit bull that was tolerable.  That was a recent occurrence.  I was picking up our cat from the vet one day and there was one in the waiting room--stocky and enthusiastic, a little like an interior lineman for the local high school football team.  I kept a healthy distance anyway.

Recently, I heard that acquaintances of ours had trouble with their pit bulls--the "puppy" attacked the larger older dog, and that one of their children had been bitten trying to separate them.  They got rid of the "puppy".

Sorry, folks, I have to say this:

It was patently stupid to bring those demon spawn into their home.  Not that the people in the house deserved to be injured by their dogs, and they certainly didn't "have it coming", but...

I don't care what the breed association's official position is.  I don't want to hear anecdotes from naïve owners of those bastards. 

Some things never change.  Some things are always stupid.  Some things are always wrong.

Onward and Upward. Go Blue!

*--Railroad's Men, Railroad's Men Collection: A Bottle of Water, n.d.
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