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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bloom Where You're Planted*

I'm  nearly 54 and job-hunting again.

This is one time I envy those who are under 30 and doing this. They can move all over the country, especially if they're not married yet. Life's one big adventure, and they're on the "upward slope" (Robert Louis Stevenson, Songs of Travel). There are times I wish I was 30 again, and no doubt it would have been a different big adventure.

I've applied to nearly 30 positions and received two interviews--both at local small Catholic colleges.  One interview lasted all of 10 minutes, and the other at least had the courtesy to ask all of the questions on her sheet.  No offers yet, but I'm getting turned away from better and better positions.

I still have 25+ applications outstanding, but I'm finding that if I don't hear within a week of submission, I'm not going to hear in a positive way. Still I press on, for me, for my family, in praise of the One who made me.  Onward.


*--Royce Robinson, Big Kids, Big Plans, 2009.

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