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Friday, February 28, 2014

Day in the Life*, part 4

I haven't done a blog post that was strictly about library work for a while, so I think I'll do "Day in the Life" again.

755am: walked in, sat down, ate my breakfast and scanned the Inquirer and the Times Herald, daily newspapers from Philadelphia and Norristown, respectively.  The BK next door, which I've written up for poor customer service service on several occasions, forgot to salt the hash browns.  It's little things like that that make me pine for my days at Country Kitchen.

I check my "Intranet" email and my yahoo email and discover that there are new PD opportunities. Made a mental note to check them later.

9 am: I'm working the paging list and ran into a few problems with copies of materials that weren't there.  A lot of YA fiction going out today. I also do a "selfie" (self check-out) of a cookbook I ordered and a movie my daughter requested.

10am: First patron comes in to return books.  It's snowing surprisingly hard, even for February.  According to the weather talking heads, it's not supposed to amount to more than an inch and be done by noon.  I'm not so sure, judging from the front row seat I have.

Sorry, it's 920 on Friday the 28th--forgot to finish the post, but truthfully, there's not much to report. Afternoons here have become deadly dull. Onward.
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