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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What's New*: Another sea change in Scouting?

I'm reading about and listening to the kerfuffle about Scouting USA allowing girls who "identify as boys" to join Cub Scouts.  I think they could solve the whole problem--or at least minimize the impact--by making Boy Scouts fully co-ed, from top to bottom.  There's no shortage of female leaders in Scouting already, why not add female Scouts as well?  Scouting in most of the rest of the world is fully co-ed, and it's time that Scouting USA follows suit.

I'm the father of an Eagle Scout, and proud of my son.  His accomplishments thus far in life, including achieving Eagle, would not be minimized by girls being allowed to do what he did.

Obstinate parents who insist on putting their son in an all-male group can join Trail Mix Life USA, although I think those who do miss one of the salient points of Scouting organizations--to learn about and work with and come together as one stronger body with those who are different than you. That's a challenge, and one that American Scouting is up to--I hope.

*Bob Haggart (music), 1938 (originally entitled I'm Free); Johnny Burke (lyrics), 1939

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