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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

La Bonne Cuisine, part 2: My visit to the Culinary Literacy Center at the Free Library of Philadelphia

Welcome Latvia (#59) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (#60)! Don't be a stranger! Comment early and often!.

Large number of readers this week, especially from the United States, still no comments.  Makes me wonder about how my blog gets used or read or if it gets read at all.  Personally I think my blog is a gateway to another dimension, but that's just me.

Had a great time today  at the Culinary Literacy Center of the Free Library of Philadelphia.  Made a tasty Indian chickpea stew along with my classmates.  I chopped onions (weep, sniffle) and my hand (OUCH!).  Seriously, the cut didn't start bleeding till after I'd stopped chopping, so no blood in the masala, thank God.  I think all libraries should have a working kitchen like this one. I've seen rural and small town libraries that weren't as big as this kitchen. It's huuuuuuge, with commercial-grade ovens, grills, stoves, and stainless steel from floor to ceiling--and cleaner than any commercial kitchen I've seen.

So I'll end this post with what they started with today--what is culinary literacy?  It would appear that there's no industry standard yet, so perhaps the FLP is on the leading edge of programming for this concept in the U.S.  What do you think?

--*Leonard Bernstein, composer, 1947. Full title: "La Bonne Cuisine: Four Recipes for Voice and Piano".

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