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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen*

Just some general musings before I dig into Digital Library classwork:
1)  Go Blue!!!  Michigan plays Kansas next in the Sweet Sixteen, and La Salle (my adoptive alma mater, being that I am Catholic and live near the campus) plays Wichita State. Weird how the opposing schools are both from Kansas...
2) Had a tooth pulled yesterday.  I don't care HOW much anesthetic they use, some things are  ALWAYS unpleasant--even a broken tooth that doesn't want to leave my mouth. Thank God for Vicodin. Not much pain to speak of but some swelling and tenderness.  I'll try playing starting tomorrow.
3) The long nightmare (or why did it take the USPS a week to move envelopes full of sheet music from Eagleville to Philadelphia) is nearly over.  It'll be over for good on Monday when rehearsal starts.  I can't give this job back to the regular librarian fast enough.
4) I don't like fluffing assignments in general--goes against my nature.

More Later.

Neil Sedaka, Neil Sedaka Sings His Greatest Hits, 1962.
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