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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Times of Your Life*

Nothing profound here today--in fact, it's about the NCAA Division I Men's tournament--"March Madness".  My bracket is toast, but I don't care.  Michigan is playing like the team I knew they were going into the season.  They beat a better Kansas squad in overtime last night in a game that reminded more than one writer of the 1989 final against P.J. Carlesimo's Seton Hall team.  It was inspiring to watch, and I scared the crap out of my 13-year-old daughter when I screamed for joy at the end of regulation. Bring on the Floridians!

The Florida Gators will be the Maize and Blue's next opponent, having given Florida Gulf Coast a good spanking.  Florida didn't shoot all that well, but Gulf Coast did everything but hand the ball to the Gators complete with giftwrap.  The final margin of victory was 12 points but it shouldn't have been nearly that close.

Both Michigan and FGCU have much to be proud of.  Michigan dug itself out of a hole and did what it had to to win.  Gulf Coast had nothing to lose and played like it the first two rounds, capturing the attention and the hearts of the sports world, who at some level is secretly rooting for the unknown, the dark horse, the underdog.  Remember these moments, boys, and cherish them.  We're all richer for having witnessed it.

Michigan 79, Florida 59

UPDATE:  Michigan beat Syracuse by four, but lost in the final to Louisville by six in one of the best college games I've ever seen, if not THE best.  Only would have been better if my Michigan had won, but Louisville just had more and ultimately better weapons.  Go Blue, anyway.

*--Paul Anka, Times of Your Life, 1975.
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