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Friday, October 5, 2012

All (Indian) Summer Long*

1155 am. It's a brilliant, sunny fall day, and I'm getting ready for what promises to be a killer midterm in Cataloging class.  Seemingly no amount of preparation will help, but there are encouraging signs, nonetheless.  Work slogs on in both classes.  I have a major paper--a book review--due in just over a month, and a webinar review due the week before that for Management class. 

Registration for spring term classes are next week.  If everything goes according to plan, I'll be taking classes on Digital Libraries and Bibliography of Science, Technology, and Medicine.  Bibliography of the Humanities isn't available till Summer.

CATALOGING UPDATE:  Okay, so I didn't get any of the five cataloging exercises correct. My mistakes WERE less egregious, so it's cause for celebration. I'm getting closer, so I must be my nose growing?

The semester's almost half over and there's so much trepidation among my fellow students (okay, me too)

In about five minutes, one of the highlights of my workday will happen.  We get a serenade from a local carillon (electronic--no one can afford the real thing these days except for churches with financial "angels") but it still warms my heart to hear the bells play the traditional Protestant hymns.

*--Kid Rock, Rock 'n Roll Jesus, 2007 (Author's note:  Say what you want about Kid Rock, but I love this song.  I grew up in Michigan, too, and he captures a teenager's summer there to a tee.
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