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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You can close your eyes*

It's the end of the day and it's been a full one.  I completed a paper for management class surveying job advertisements for academic library directors--13 pages, with graphs and 27 8x10 color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and OH, I CAN'T GO ON!! Just ignore the part after graphs--I was channelling Arlo Guthrie for a moment. If you have to ask, ask someone your parent's age.  Or your grandparent's age. Then have a Thanksgiving dinner that can't be beat...and say hi to Officer Obie for me.

It can be a real chore to write in APA style--you have to refer to yourself in the third person.  "The author stated", "The writer believes", "It is up to the reader to..."; no I or me or we or you. I once knew a librarian who talked that way.  "Mrs C. doesn't do that", and so forth.  I wanted to puke.  I still do. I persevered, it's done, on to the webinar report and book review.

Cataloging class continues to be a royal headache.  This week--Library of Congress Classification. Five titles, all bibliographies.  That takes part of the guesswork out of it.  I just wish it took the "second-guess"work out of it.

On the Music front, UPS dropped off the last two pieces I need for the SPSO November concert.  It's an American music program--Barber's Adagio for Strings  and Knoxville: Summer of 1915, Ives' 3rd Symphony, and the Copland Clarinet Concerto.  Glory be, the bowings are already marked, so next step is counting to confirm they sent everything, and then sorting for each player.

A lot of littles today.  Tomorrow is Spring City and getting ready for International Game day and the next SCRABBLE night.  Cheers.

*--James Taylor, Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon, 1971
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