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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day in the life*, part 2

1015 am: Today brings a weird melange of tasks to the table--or in my case, the circulation desk.  Upon arrival I discovered that the two games we had requested as part of our allotment for International Games Day ( had arrived.  Neither of them were familiar to me, so I proceeded to check them out.

One was called "Labyrinth", and as the name implies, involves finding your way through a maze to collect various items and characters.  Read the rules--seemed pretty straightforward, so I experimented with the game.  Could be good family fun, but may frustrate younger players; the game suggests a minimum age of 7, but I might bump that up a bit (older 2nd grade-3rd grade).  As per my usual practice, I'll bring the game home for my kids to try. They're a bit older now (daughters 12 and 14, son 17) but they like (okay, put up with) playing games with dad, especially when it's something new.

The other game, "Pathfinder", is a roleplaying game that will DEFINITELY appeal to my son and his friends, so I'm going to let him be a guest blogger and review the game when he's ready.

Kate's doing children's story hour right now (topic: School Buses) so I'm manning the desk solo.  Volume's pretty light right now, so it's not too bad.  Besides circulation, the only  patron I've had to deal with is a woman trying to edit a scanned document.  Wish I knew how.

1040am: Book van's here, so I'll be checking in things for a while.  More later.

1110am: finished with book van materials; next is shelving returns--mostly children's, so Kate will probably take care of those after story time is done...updated the reference department survey.

Curses!  I left my flash drive home.  I can still do school work, but it's a little more complicated to save it.  I can always read my book report book.

140 pm.  Worked on two cataloging exercises using RDA/MARC formats; my classmates are cursing and I'm feeling like a genius for attending the workshop last Friday. It all feels familiar.

The homeschoolers are returning books in droves today.  I've been tied to the circulation desk for most of the day so far. The biggest load was at least two dozen graphic novels with a character named "Asterix".  Hope the kid got an A on his report...

Mr. M., one of our hearing-impaired regulars is in for his daily session on the computer.  He keeps to himself, especially if you're not proficient in signing.  One more skill to master...

We were busy today, but I managed to make progress on my numerous ongoing homework assignments.  Wish my team members for Management class shared my sense of urgency.  I'm going to plow on ahead without them.

Busy day tomorrow--Scrabble night, the Sears guys are coming to fix my dryer, and I am pressing onward and upward.  Cheers.

*--Paul McCartney and John Lennon, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967,
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