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Sunday, October 7, 2012

One More River to Cross*

1030 pm Sunday night: so much to do, so much left undone.  I don't really have a method of prioritizing. I just go and do something.  Then I go and do something else.  Eventually it all gets done--the fun stuff, the chores, and everything in between.  That way I don't obsess over NOT getting everything done at once, and I feel better about what I DO get done in a given segment of time.

This week is a rarity.  I don't really have anything due this week, but a lot of ongoing projects for MSLS and the musical side of things.  To whit:

Webinar project due October 31 (Management) I've listened to the session once.  I need to listen to it again and start writing
Book Review due November 7 (Management) I've outlined and skimmed the book.  I need to sit down over the course of a couple of weeks and read the damn thing.  Should have picked a smaller book.
Midterm October 18 (Cataloging) I'm going to review all the practice exercises in LCSH, DDC, and LCC, in addition to any other information I can go over.
Music Distribution begins for November concert (SPSO). Can't do that till the Personnel Manager gives me the concert roster.
Weigh-in by Wednesday (Weight Watchers).  It's gloat time, baby.
Audition November 15 (SPSO) I've been acting principal trombone up to this point.  I have to choose a concerto and hope my laying off this summer hasn't hurt me TOO badly.  I still have second chair to fall back on, but I've been there seven years, and it's time for a change.  The down side is that I will have to eventually give up playing in this group, especially if school duties are getting more intense (which they are).

God, that's a lot.  I'm going to need a good night's sleep for starters.

Lord, keep me moving so I can be useful to my family AND get all this stuff done.  Amen.

*--Canned Heat, One More River to Cross, 1974.
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