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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Firemen's Song*

The Pennsylvania State Firemen's Parade is lining up in front of our house.  300+ firefighting units from across the Commonwealth and they're all passing our house.  The noise will be astounding.  I'll be at work 15 miles away and I'll probably STILL hear it.  I could be dead in the ground and I'd still hear it.  I could be in another solar system and I'd still hear it.

God forbid there's a fire and the local companies have to get there.


*--I have no idea where "The Fireman's Song" came from.  I just remember my first WMU home football game where the band sang it during the 3rd quarter.  Since I'm a family man and this is a family-oriented column (OK, it's all about me, but I digress), you'll have to look up the lyrics on your own.
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