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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9 to 5*, 1st shift

11:04 a.m. and I'm tying up some loose ends before I start on my management homework--a survey of advertisements for library director positions.  The example given us used 90 examples (!!!) but for the purposes of my project, I think 20 will suffice.  I'm still sorting through the raw data, but some trends are already becoming apparent, and I'd like to share those with you.

1)  If you're considering library and information sciences as a career, make SURE the program you enter is ALA-accredited.  I don't just say this as a member, the data bears this out.

2) A second advanced degree is helpful, especially if you want to break into the upper echelon.

3) If you want to work at the library of a college that specializes in a particular discipline, it will be helpful to have a degree in that discipline. For instance, the law school in my list wants an MLS and a JD; the school for the arts on my list wants an MLS and an advanced degree in an arts discipline.

4) There are exceptions, of course; the prominent culinary school mentions nothing about culinary arts, and even more curious, the prominent medical school lists nothing about medical training (but you can BET they won't overlook it).

5) Experience (but not too much) matters:  most colleges were looking for between 3 and 7 years experience in a dizzying array of combinations, mostly having to do with their particular situation (community college, law library etc.).

6) There were three colleges of the 20 that did not mention a specific number of years experience.  Two of them were, well, let's just say I'd have reservations about applying there anyway.

7) The third was UCLA, which is searching for a University Librarian.  I'm going to provide the link for you and let you read it for yourself, especially the fifth paragraph that begins "Ideal candidates".  It's clear that the people responsible for that ad know what's at stake, and more importantly, deeply care who their leader is. We should all be so lucky.

I can't believe it's 11:35 and I'm still sitting here.  Back to the grind.

*"9 to 5", Dolly Parton, 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs, 1980.
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