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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain..*.

Today has been as gray and gloomy as a day can be.  It started raining in earnest about 45 minutes ago after threatening to do so all day. It kept more than a few people from picking up their music for SPSO, except for Eric Wilson, our principal bassoon, who came for his during his lunch break. Eric played a concerto--Michael Daugherty's Dead Elvis--for us a couple seasons ago.  Based on the melody Dies Irae,  it's scored for the same instrumentation as Stravinsky's l'histoire du soldat and is, to put it mildly, a strange piece.  It calls for the soloist to assume the persona of The King, right down to the muttonchop sideburns, dark glasses, and yes, white jumpsuit. The aforementioned Stravinsky piece was on the program as was Milhaud's la creation de monde (big trombone lick in the last movement!)

I still have piles of papers to go through from last night, review of Dewey Decimal Classification, a video to watch, and a chapter to read in Stueart (Management textbook).  It won't take long, and I expect I'll get to bed at a decent hour.

Fish and sauteed vegetables for dinner.  Simple and kinda healthy.  Time for a break.

*--"Rhythm of the Rain", The Cascades, 1963
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