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Monday, September 17, 2012

'round midnight...*

Another day into the books (and sheet music) (and housework). Let's go to the highlight film:

Completed revisions for LCSH the right way this time; waiting for response from professor on format question before I click "submit".
Found some temporarily mislaid sheet music (Yea!)
Read a chapter for Management class on "communication".
Double-checked wiki for same class to make certain that I'd reserved my selection for the book review assignment (I did).
Sorted SPSO folders for mailing, dropping off, and "porch sitting" (some folks are coming when I won't be here).
Listening to a webinar on communication (Management class).
Earned an 80% on my first Management assignment.  It's early; I'll do better next time.
Second load of laundry in.
Still can't shake the bronchitis cough.  Going to bed.

*--Thelonius Monk, 1944

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