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Friday, September 21, 2012

Day in the life*

Cause for celebration last night--got an 80 on my Cataloging/Classification quiz!  Probably should have had a 100 but I'll take it at this point.  Going to do revisions on my last cataloging exercise tomorrow when it opens up.  Not as much as last time, but it only gets more exacting from here on out. Yikes!

830 am: I have a Scrabble tournament on Sunday down at U-Penn, so I have to finish my management homework by Saturday night.  Two postings on communication based on two webinars and two chapters in our textbook, so I have a little more reading and viewing to do. My co-worker will be here in a few minutes, so off to work I go, so back later.

1140 am:  Answered phones, solved circulation problems.  Book van was here about an hour ago, dropped off two bags this time, mostly titles to re-shelve.  It's been a little slow since school started again. Four men at the computers, one reading a paper.  Quiet times here at SCFL. Processed a library card application and discovered that they had applied on line over the summer.  Talked Eagles football with an elderly gent.  Time for lunch.

325 pm:  Finally getting to my management homework after a trip to Wawa for soda, collecting a book replacement fee from a young lady's grandmom, and taking care of a shut-in patron who calls once or twice a week.  She generally orders mysteries, but will sometimes take popular fiction titles.  I'm all too happy to help her--it's part and parcel of why we're here.

I have to confess something.  Everyone thinks their local librarian knows every book EVER written, plus keeps up on every author, every minute of the day.  We do (Just kidding!).  I could stand to  do more leisure reading in fiction genres.  I daresay that 95% of the reading I do has an academic purposes, except for cookbooks and reading the news.  Maybe after I finish my MLS...Traffic's kind of light today.

Back to Management homework.  Posit:  "What are the underlying issues in effective interpersonal communication addressed by suggestions in Table 16.1 in Stueart?"  It's REALLY open to interpretation.  Time to start interpreting.  Cheers...

*--The title of today's post refers not only to a late Beatles song but to an ongoing project by a librarian that collects blog pages from various sites worldwide and publishes them twice yearly (I think the next one is in March). They posts run the gamut from art librarians who are doing presentations on their collection of "coffee table books" (not the right term but I'll find it) to public librarians talking about dealings with patrons, as well as a lot of things in between. I was required to read them as part of one of my classes in my first term, and doing so enlightened me as to the wide variety of activities we engage in. One of my short-term goals is to be included in the next edition.
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