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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So Much 2 Say*

I've decided to use song titles as the titles for my posts.  Hokey? Maybe--but if you believe that "life is a song lyric", it makes writing to you a little easier.  Today's title comes courtesy of one of my favorite groups, Take 6, who recorded this early on in their career and put it at the beginning of the album, also named So Much 2 Say.  There's a running gag on Take 6 albums where you hear them chase the instrumentalists out of the recording studio (they're an a capella group, for the uninitiated) and this immediately follows. Enjoy!

As the dizzying pace of this semester continues, I get occasional speedbumps.  I was informed last night that the concert for which I painstakingly sorted music last Sunday has been cancelled, and now it goes back to Montana. Oy! As if I didn't have enough to do.

Still pressing on; feelling a little better about the state of things academic, but keeping my game face is getting harder. Time to start the day at Spring City.

*--Take 6, So Much 2 Say, 1990
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