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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Introduction part I: My library weekend work

September 15, 2012

I'm at one of my part-time jobs today.  I'm a paraprofessional at Spring City (PA) Free Library, a tiny branch of the Chester County (PA) Library System outside of Philadelphia (  We're almost in the shadow of the Limerick nuclear power plant, whose cooling towers I see each time I drive up here.  Our building is a converted one-room schoolhouse, a situation I'm finding with increasing frequency as I work longer in the library field.  Plans are underway for a new building for us to start excavation/construction sometime next year. We're excited at the thought of increased space and the possibilities a meeting room  will bring.

Today I'm working with Lois, a recent U-Pitt library grad who is able to run circles around me in terms of speed and efficiency.  I have to be careful not to sit back and let her do everything.  She's covering some hardcover books, getting them ready for circulation. 

During the summer we were only open 9am-1pm on Saturdays, which means we had moms with young children, and the "computer crew" (more about them later). Now that fall is here we're open 10am-5pm, and while we get more of the same people I just described, we'll also have some of our regulars in (more about them later, too). 

Unhappily, since I'm kind of the regular Saturday person, it means not watching Michigan Football on TV.  Today they're playing U-Mass at the Big House.  Last year's game was played on the heels of a great tragedy.  Long-time U-Mass Marching Band Director George Parks died of a heart attack just minutes after his band had performed at an Ohio HS football game (it was their intermediate stop before Ann Arbor).  It showed great, magnificent character and the band's love of Dr. Parks that they voted to perform at U-M anyway.  My hat was and is off to them all.  Go Blue! 

Tomorrow, I meet with the orchestra librarian to get music ready for the first concert of the season of the Southeast Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra, a regional orchestra of which I am "acting" principal trombone.  I agreed to act as librarian (minus the music-ordering duties) for the season, as the regular librarian is taking time off to focus on her job. 

Tomorrow, too, I'll shed more light on the prism and hope to let you know a little bit more about who I am.
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